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Why Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Could Be Your Best Option For Dropping Pounds

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When you consider our culture’s obsession with thinness, you may find it surprising that about 93 million women and men in the U.S. — 39.8% of the population — are obese. If you’re Hispanic or black, the obesity rate rises to almost 50%. The excess weight not only changes the way your body looks, but compromises how well it functions, which can lead to serious health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

You know you have a “thin person” inside you. Maybe that thin person even used to live on the outside. But the stresses of life, no time for exercise, and easy access to delicious, high-calorie foods make obtaining or maintaining a fit figure challenging.

There’s one other reason you may be finding it hard to reach your goal figure: diets. The diet industry is worth about $33 billion in the U.S., but the sad fact is that diets rarely work.

What does work? Physician-supervised weight loss.

Expert internist Dr. Kimberly Bolling helps women and men in Bowie, Maryland, lose weight and keep it off by custom designing a weight loss program based on their individual needs. If you choose the fast track, you can shed up to 30 pounds in just a few months.

The ‘you’ plan

Unlike cookie-cutter diets, physician-supervised weight loss is based on your unique body type, metabolism, and any underlying medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies you may have. During your first appointment, Dr. Bolling takes your complete personal and family medical history, and she conducts a thorough medical examination.

Tests may include:

Medical tests and a blood panel allow Dr. Bolling to identify conditions that must be addressed to optimize your health, including high cholesterol or diabetes. She then customizes a weight loss plan that takes into account all of your needs, including what kinds of foods you eat, when you eat them, and how active you are.

No more dieting

Calorie-restriction diets don’t work (you may have noticed!) because when your body is deprived of nutrients, it begins to behave as if it’s starving. Once you reach your goal weight and return to normal eating patterns, your body grabs onto every extra calorie possible, turning it into fat that it can use when you’re in another “starvation” period. That’s why you often end up weighing more after your diet than you did before.

Dr. Bolling devises a new way for you to eat that emphasizes whole foods so that your body never feels deprived and your cells are never robbed of the nutrients they need to function optimally. While you may be on calorie restriction for awhile, Dr. Bolling carefully monitors and controls the restriction so it never triggers your body’s starvation response.

She also recommends nutritional supplements that support your organs and cells to optimize your body’s functions. Depending on your needs, she may prescribe medications that help you burn fat more efficiently and quickly.

Have more fun

Instead of counting calories and stressing about what you can’t eat, Dr. Bolling helps you find delicious, nutritious foods that nourish you while also satisfying your taste buds. She helps you pick activities that you absolutely love — like dancing, walking with friends, swimming, and building strength through lifting weights — so your “exercise” feels less like a punishment and more like a reward.

Be part of a team

One of the reasons that physician-supervised weight loss is so much more effective than commercial diets is that you’re never alone. Dr. Bolling and her staff are available to answer your questions as you adjust to your new ways of eating and moving. You also check in once a month so that Dr. Bolling can evaluate how well your custom-designed weight loss is going and make any adjustments that might be needed.

You can get the figure of your dreams and keep it for life. Call us today to set up your consultation or book it online using the convenient form.

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