When You Should Seek Urgent Care

When you think about going to the doctor, you probably think about your annual exam, getting your immunizations, and going in for regular treatments to help a chronic condition, such as diabetes. Normally, you make an appointment weeks or even months in advance.

But when you suddenly feel ill or suffer a minor injury, you can’t wait weeks, days, or even hours for medical care. And you don’t really want to spend the whole day in the emergency room (ER) either, only to come out with a hefty bill that could take years to pay off.

That’s why Kimberly Bolling, MD, offers urgent care services for non-emergency medical situations that need prompt attention. If you have an urgent medical need that isn’t an emergency, you should call or come into her Bowie, Maryland, office during regular hours. Our staff arranges for  Dr. Bolling to see you as quickly as possible.

Go to urgent care when you need help today

When you or a loved fall ill or suffer a minor injury, Dr. Bolling offers same-day service. If you can, call ahead so our staff can prepare for your arrival. If you can’t call ahead, we accept walk-ins for urgent care services to treat symptoms and conditions such as:

You can also come to urgent care if you have a painful flare of an ongoing health problem, such as lupus or arthritis. 

Go to the ER for genuine emergencies

If you or a loved one is having life-threatening symptoms or suffered a major injury, you should call 911 or go straight to the nearest hospital’s ER. A hospital ER is fully equipped to treat everything from heart attacks to appendicitis to broken bones. The paramedics in an ambulance can administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and administer other treatments that could save your life.

Call 911 if you:

Go or have someone take you to the ER if you have:

Remember, if your injury or illness isn’t life-threatening or serious, head for urgent care instead of an ER. Not only will be you seen more quickly, but you’ll also page 3 or more times less than you would at a hospital. 

To get urgent care for you or a family member, call us right away at 301-352-0090 or walk into the clinic at 4000 Mitchellville Road, Suite # B424 in Bowie, Maryland, 20716, during office hours. If you have an emergency, or if our office is closed, go to your nearest hospital ER.

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