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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Physician-Supervised Weight Loss

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You’re tired of funneling your time and money into the $33 billion diet industry — without even getting a good return on your investment (ROI).  What if there were a way to lose the weight you want while also gaining health? And what if you knew that everything this weight loss plan recommended was not only customized to your biology, but backed by medical science?

Dr. Kimberly Bolling, an expert internist with a special interest in promoting healthy living, offers medically supervised weight loss at Metropolitan Medical Group, her state-of-the-art clinic located in Bowie, Maryland. She’s also founder of A Why Weight Center, which offers the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.

If you’re wondering whether medical weight loss will give you the ROI you want, consider these five reasons why it could be a perfect match for you:

1. Your plan is customized to your biology  

Our nation’s rising obesity rate is a clear indication that cookie-cutter diets and fad diets don’t work. Dr. Bolling starts your medical weight loss program with a medical examination. She also tests for underlying conditions that may be affecting your weight or health by administering:

Depending on her findings, Dr. Bolling may recommend medical treatments to resolve underlying issues. You may also benefit from prescription medications that jump-start fat burning.

2.  You get structure  

Dr. Bolling customizes a diet plan based on your nutritional needs, food sensitivities, and food preferences. She helps you find substitutions for foods you love that aren’t supporting your health.

If Dr. Bolling determines that the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is right for you, you’ll have access to meal plans, pre-prepared meals, and an app that helps you keep track of your health.

3. You get support when you need it

You’ll have monthly check-ins with Dr. Bolling so she can evaluate your progress, answer questions, and make adjustments, as needed. You’ll also be coached on developing a healthy lifestyle, learn how and why you’ve gained weight in the past, and how to maintain a healthy weight for life.

4. You can lose weight quickly or slowly — your choice

With medically supervised weight loss, you can lose up to 30 pounds in just a few months. However, you can also choose to take off the weight more gradually.

Once your program ends, you won’t regain weight, as you may have when yo-yo dieting. Instead, you’ll have a new approach to food and fitness that helps you stay healthy and trim for life.

5. You’ll see the benefits to your health

Losing weight with a physician on your team is about more than changing the numbers on your scale or measuring tape. As you trim off excess fat, eat healthier foods, and build more fat-burning muscle, Dr. Bolling can give you the numbers that let you know your new habits have positively affected your health.

With medically supervised weight loss, you may see positive changes in your:

You may also find that chronic conditions, such as sleep apnea or arthritis pain, improve, too. Dr. Bolling’s ultimate aim is to help you optimize your health through a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and fun physical activity.

To find out more about medically supervised weight loss, call us today or use the online contact form.

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